Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Little Night Music Rehersals Part 2

Here is the follow up Vlog from Paris with a behind the scenes look at rehersals for A Little Night Music.

Thanks go to all the cast for the insight and especially to Leon for his hard work in putting this together for us to all enjoy.

The show will be on in just over a week From Monday 15th to Saturday 20th February.


Anonymous said...

Fran was at a radio show last Monday with the main cast of "A Little night music". She performed the Miller's son perfectly. Pictures of the recording:

The recording will be available as a podcast on next Sunday. It was also filmed so the video will be available the same day.

Production stills of the show (featuring Fran):

Sara said...

Thanks so much for these links can't wait to catch the podcast and videos when they come out.


Stephany said...

You can watch the video of tje cast & Francesca's performance in "A Little Night Music":