Thursday, 18 February 2010

Further Reviews From Paris

Here are three further reviews of A Little Night Music, I have pulled out some small sections from each of the reviews and pasted the link to the full review is below each one if you wish to read the full review.

Rebecca Bottone quicksilver, stunning Francesca Jackson, Nicholas Garrett, Deane Meek, Leon Lopez, David Curry as they are all amazing singers like run-of Lebeslieder Quintet.

Webthea Review

Francesca Jackson stops the show with one of Sondheim’s greatest numbers, the maid Petra’s The Miller’s Son,

Telegraph Review

Special mention to Francesca Jackson (Petra, the maid of Egerman) and Nicholas Garrett (Count Malcolm, until some ridiculous elements of the uniform) for their vocal prowess. With the complicity of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, Jonathan Stockhammer reveals the great beauties of this "Little Night Music."
Philippe Venturini, Les Echos

Les Echos Review

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