Thursday, 27 November 2008

Radio Interview With Fran

Just found this little gem a radio interview for Radio Teesdale with our Fran


Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
This is Peter Dixon, who interviewed Fran. Your site came up on our goole alerts. Delighted you enjoyed it. Francesca was great. She did the interview at a moment's notice and was great about it. I had the pleasure of seeing the show on the opening night in Darlington and loved it....and I thought she was one of the best things in it.

The link you have used will get you to the interview, but as we add more, it will move down the page. This will always give you immediate access to the interview:

Sara said...

Many Thanks Peter for the new link. Glad you enjoyed the show, Us fans here are very greatful for the interview and are sure that Fran will have a great career and are just waiting for what the next venture will be.