Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New Pics

I know most of you have probably seen most of the Nancy images on the other blogs but for those of you who haven't enjoy - Also be sure to check out some of the new shots from the What's on Stage outing to Rent Remixed Last November.

Denise & Fran @ Londons Rent Remixed Press Night

The Nancies Have a PJ Party !!

The Girls Looking Glam - I think this was from the Final Stage of Audtions looking at the outfits

The Girls 

Fran Hiding In the Back

All Dressed Up - Fran Hiding Round the Back Again

The Nancies give there feathers a test run

The Cast of Rent Remixed


Anonymous said...

yay new pictures!! i thought i'd seen them all... but i was evidently wrong - almost all of these I've never seen before. thanks sara :D

Sara said...

I try my best, but if anyone else has anymore they wish to donate let me know. x

Anonymous said...

well i have to say ur best is truly wonderful.... ur doing such a great job with this fansite

Anonymous said...

aww great pictures Sara!! I went to see Rent last Christmas Eve and it was fran-tastic!!!!
And I agree with Natasha I must say!