Friday, 3 October 2008

Win More Tickets for CSWY

For all of those up in Scotland or near the border it's your chance to try and win tickets to see Fran and Co

Check out the link below and Good Luck

Win CSWY Tickets Glasgow


David said...

Why isn't the show coming to Belfast? We've got a lovely big opera house....

Sara said...

Same reason it's not coming down to Essex or suffolk, it sucks

MissiCharli said...

I'd love to see this but it's not coming to Birmingham either :(

I found out today that my dads customers best friends daughter is FRAN!!! OMG. So I'm trying to get an autograph :)

The customer told my dad all about Fran and what she was doing but we already know so no new info there :(


Sara said...

Maybe if everyone who lives somewhere the tour isn't yet going got several people to bombard Bill Kenwright that somewhere might get lucky and get the tour there. Peer pressure and all that may work it's worth a try, No point trying for where I live the theatre isn't big enough to host this sort of production.