Sunday, 12 October 2008

Message From Fran

Hi Guys

Just received a message from Fran to pass on to everyone especially those of you who gave me messages to pass on to her.

I just want to say how AMAZING all of the presents were and especially the messages so many people left me!!!! made me cry when i opened it all in the car on way home!

please please say the biggest thankyou to everyone for me!!!! It really takes my breath away that people actually care that much!!

I think you can all see how overwhelmed Fran was but as we all know she deserves all the support she gets and much much more. I did say the intention wasn't to make her cry.

Keep the support coming and any more messages let me have them as I will hopefully be seeing Fran again at the end of the month.

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Julie said...

Aww bless Fran!! xx.