Thursday, 2 October 2008

Some Fun Pics From Bristol

When I was waiting to speak to Fran in Bristol on Saturday She was asked if she would mind having her photo taken with a small rubber duck, to which she showed no hesitation. After having her photo taken she did actually ask why?

It turns out that Brian the Duck Travels all over the world and had been photographed with numerous famous people and in some great locations, these pictures can be seen on Brian's very own facebook page.

Thanks to Michelle Plowman and Elizabeth Banks the 2 photographers, here are the pictures of Fran posing with Brian.

Michelle's Pic

Elizabeth's Pic

As you can see Fran looks like she's enjoying posing with Brian. So if anyone else has any other ideas get out there and try it - Siobhan and Chesney were also good sports and posed with Brian Check out his facebook page below for those pictures.

Brian The Duck's Facebook Page


David said...

Brian is one lucky duck.

Anonymous said...

That made me grin... it's the kind of thing I'd do :D

Sara said...

I wouldn't have the nerve but hey the stars of the show didn't seem to mind

Anonymous said...

yeah they just seemed to find it funny!

Unknown said...

Yeah... I have no shame!