Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Fan Pictures

Fran being a star and giving an autograph

Fran with Emma Jane Smith outside Dartford Theater 
Can't Smile Without You Tour Monday 8th Sept 2008

Thanks Emma for allowing me to post these pictures. Anyone else who has any pictures from meetings with Fran that they wish to donate for everyone to enjoy contact me.


Anonymous said...

Fran was awsome at the stage door, was lovley chating to her and for her to put up with my mums very hyper friends at stage door.
Thanks fran!

Anonymous said...

I came close to meeting Fran on Christmas Eve last year when I went to see her in Rent. I met CJ Johnson and Leon Lopez but didn't get to meet Fran unfortunately, although I'm hoping to see her in Can't Smile Without You and All The Fun Of The Fair so will meet her then. Nice pictures Emma!

David said...

Great fan pics! Love the new slideshow too Sara -- nice one!

renthead said...

I got to meet Fran during Rent , loved the show, Went to see Can't Smile twice in Bristol , A great feel good show Fran was FAB, And i was very excited as i got to meet her again , WOW what a lovely person :0)
Thanx Fran