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Dreamboats and Petticoats – 07.10.09

October 7, 2009
  • Bobby – Josh Capper
  • Norman – Jonathan Bremner
  • Laura – Lauren Hood
  • Sue – Francesca Jackson
  • Ray – Wayne Smith
  • Donna – Claire Ivory
  • Phil/Older Bobby – Peter Gerald
Sat in the Theatre Royal Nottingham for the first time on a Wednesday matinee surrounded by the older members of the population who had turned out in force (the theatre seemed to be packed to the rim) I wondered what I had let myself in for. The main reason I was there was to see Francesca Jackson, but came out surprised as to how much I’d enjoyed the show in general. Ok so the plot isn’t exactly groundbreaking and they really do try to cram in as many numbers as possible, but it was harmless heartwarming fun. I hadn’t heard many of the songs before (not really my generation … 30 years to early really!) but they are so catchy and easy to listen to it doesn’t really matter, in fact I think that aided my enjoyment because they actually seemed to fit into the plot rather well. I really liked the way they integrated the ‘band’ into the story, and how the ensemble girls switched between being exactly that and playing their instruments.
I thought the cast was great, I was relieved to enjoy Francesca’s performance as much as I thought I would … that voice is just so so easy on the ears! I also really liked Lauren Hood, again beautiful voice. I wasn’t so so keen on the male leads but that didn’t really matter.
I did refrain from getting up and dancing for the sort of finale numbers, but a lot of the audience did and seemed to be having a ball. Overall I think it’s definitely worth seeing, you won’t be blown away, but its a nice, fun way to pass an afternoon or evening, worth it if only to see Francesca Jackson shine :]

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