Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fan Review - From Stoke

Emily Hambleton November 6
On Thursday 16th October I went to see Dreamboats & petticoats at the Regent Theatre, Stoke. We were sat 4 rows from the front and when we first got there 60’s music was playing.
At first I wasn’t sure this would be my type of show but then I thought Fran’s in it so it has to be amazing!
The show started of with Old bobby telling his granddaughter about when he was younger and in love. Soon after
when the lights went down and the screen came up we were all dazzled by 60’s style costumes and red lipstick. Fran was on the stage almost immediately and her dancing was brilliant all the way through. The show is set mainly at a youth club and Fran plays Sue & we soon find out that she is a huge hit with the boys there. The first song sung was ‘Lets Dance’ by Bobby who appears to like Sue a lot but she’s not interested at all. Throughout this song people were already starting to clap along and dance even though the show had only been on for 5 minutes!!
The first time we hear Fran’s amazing voice is when she sung ’Shakin all over’ with Norman. Sue is obviously trying to impress Norman so she try’s everything to win him over. Another cast member who had an equally amazing voice was Laura who was played by Lauren Hood she belted out song after song which left most of the audience with goose bumps as the voice which came out of her was not expected what so ever.
Even though I didn’t realy know any of the songs they were all very catchy and I found my self dancing along too! By the end of act one lots of people were up on there feet and dancing in the aisles.
Fran didn’t have many solo’s in the show but she had plenty of opportunities to show of her voice and wow the audience, which she did. Two of my favourite songs were Shakin all over and You don’t know.
Towards the end of the show, no one was sitting down everyone was dancing and having a good time and when the curtain came down for the final time the dancing didn’t stop there! Everyone was singing as they were going out and they could still be heard on the streets. It was an atmosphere I will not forget for a long time!
After the show I headed to the stage door to Meet Fran again and after about 15minutes she appeared and came straight over. We had a picture and I told her how much I enjoyed the show and she said get well soon to me as my voice had almost gone. Overall an amazing show and must be seen by all ages! I’m 15 and didn’t think that sort of music would of appealed to me. But it just shows all ages can have a brilliant night out and end up enjoying different music!

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