Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Interview Time

As Can't Smile Without You Starts on Thursday , In order to promote the show Our Fran along with Chesney will be doing an interview on BBC Breakfast tomorrow Morning (Wednesday 27th August). 

As there seems to have been limited publicity for this show unlike some others maybe it would be good if people could email in to the BBC to try and also get them interviewed on Maybe the one show or other similar shows to make sure the show is as widely publicised as it deserves to be. 

For anyone who like me will be at work when this is on I will try and get the interview posted on here tomorrow night. 

Keep the support coming guys as Fran deserves it so much.

And thanks to Frans Mum and Brother for letting us know in advance about the interview it's greatly appreciated by all Frans Fans.  

Also be sure to check out the new whats on stage article

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Jill R said...

That was a great interview from Fran. She looks so much more bubbly since IDA. They could have played her singing Somebody To Love or as Long As He Needs Me though!