Saturday, 18 July 2009

Calling All Fans in the South Wales Area

Sorry I know this is really Short Notice guys but only just received this info;

Fran has Just confirmed that she will be performing at the following event tomorrow,

Thats Sunday 19th July

Ponty's Big Weekend
Ynysangharad War Memorial Park
South Wales

Other Performers include All Men Allowed, John Owen Jones, and Sian Cothi.

All those that can make it be sure to go along and show Fran your support.

Thanks Guys


Elisabeth said...

I didn't know she was going to be there: I went with my mother to see Only Men Aloud and then they said Francesca's name. She was, of course, amazing. I couldn't believe it!

Then she was stood two metres behind me when OMA were on, so I went with my mother to ask her to sign my ticket. I was too shocked/panicked/excited to think to get a picture! By the time I had, she'd gone ): But she was so nice, I'm so glad I went. Made the rain etc worth it!

Sara said...

Sounds like you had a great time, glad you enjoyed the event. Any chance you could give us a little insight into what she performed etc.

Elisabeth said...

Sure (:

Well, to be honest, the first half of the event was really bad. Not helped by the weather at all, and the acts weren't great.

Fran came on in the second half with Applause. The two guys did a couple of numbers first, then she came on and they did 'Somebody To Love'. I LOVE her singing that! They also did a mix of 'One Night Only' and 'Fame', which was amazing. And a couple of songs from Jersey Boys (I can't remember which, I think 'Can't Take My Eyes Of You' was one - I was a bit awestruck!), and the guys performed Starlight Express.

Sorry I can't be more precise, I was also freaking out and trying to film on my rubbishy phone.

natasha said...

wow im so jealous!! wish i could have been there!! :( i LOVE fran's somebody 2 love :D

glad u had a gd time :)